muddat hui hai yaar ko mehmaan kiye hue
josh-e-qadah se bazm chiraghan kiye hue
Ages have passed since my beloved was my guest
And our gathering was lit up with the passion of the wine glass

- Ghalib 

This verse echoes our sentiments as a tired old winter finally loosens it's grip. It seems like spring may finally be here.  For fans, the season also brings a brand new home for Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan on the web.

The site is a fresh take on Ustadji's musical aesthetic - refined but natural, dramatic yet subtle, turbulent but peaceful. The resulting design by the wonderfully creative StudioLXR threads these antagonistic themes together to create a sense of flow and connectedness. Welcome to the new!

Ustadji's Spring 2015 US tour is already underway and you can keep track of his concerts on this site and via bandsintown
The SPK Academy and it's students are practicing hard as music camps are just around the corner. 

Spring is finally here! 

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